Monday, 21 June 2010

Cats and Cards

Today I managed to get a bit creative and I got out my paper and ribbons and made some cards. I plan to make a set of 4 every day for a week, just to get into the creative swing again. Of course catbeast likes to interfere and throw stuff around but he was packed off swiftly and told to go and catch flies, which he promptly did with hilarious results! (have you ever seen a cat entering a room about 3 feet from the floor?) Of course he bumped into the door, knocked the post on the floor and skidded all by himself in a quite spectacular fashion. Then he decided that up was a good idea...

Which of course I did not agree with...

The other cat is no bother, she just snoozes away peacefully.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Look what I've got in my garden!

Still no crafty blog entry because the beasts in my life keep me occupied! Look at our latest addition, so cute....

And then there are the invaders...Oh and the Rooster doesn't approve and wants me to sort them out!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

A sad week.

I haven't posted anything this last week as it was not a good week. Our poor old dog beast,Tomsk, had been ill for a few weeks and took a turn for the worse on Monday night. He enjoyed lying in the garden on Monday but found it almost impossible to walk by the evening. It took us quite a bit of convincing to get him out in the evening and even then we had to help him stand up. He cried in the night so I sat with him so he didn't feel lonely. But we knew he couldn't go on like this. He was my son's dog and it was very sad to see him make the decision to 'phone the vet. So now he's gone and the house feels so quiet and empty even though it's full of people. My son chose a a lovely cherry blossom tree for the garden as a sort of memorial.I just show you the pictures of our lovely Tomsk and our interesting trip back from the garden centre with our tree!