Saturday, 28 August 2010

Sunday Showcase

I just wanted to do a small separate post on the Sunday Showcase. Last week I included it in my A-team post and it just didn't stand out much. So from now on it will be separate.

This week I'm showcasing Kokokelli She makes very cute bracelets and many other lovely things. My favourite at the moment is this one

About time too!

I haven't blogged much recently, but I have been busy making things. No excuse I hear you say. Well, I'm sorry I have really been busy. Had to take Satsuma the Kitten to the vet for his jabs and the little chicken had done herself some injury too, so HUGE vet bill again! It really is time I made some sales in my shop, just to pay for the animals.... Anyway for now I just wanted to do a quick show of my new items I listed for the August A-teamers.

This is a personalised item, I thought Grandmas might like a drawing of their grandchild turned into a lovely keepsake.

This is a necklace and earring set that just happened, I was playing with a new tool and the pieces just looked right to make this nice set. It is lovely and light but very unusual.

My fellow A-teamers have also been very busy and I've chosen some I haven't featured before. So feast your eyes on these, and then rush to their shops and buy some!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

My Sunday post!

Been busy but just a quick post today. Firstly I want to mention the Folksy Showcase Sunday where fellow Folksy members feature a shop they really like. So far I have only done this on my facebook page but today I will share it here too.

The Showcase I have chosen to feature this week is LaCosturera
She sells beautiful clothes in gorgeous colours and also does custom orders. So if you want something really special have a look!

Of course I am still being distracted and driven to distraction by my cats. My husband says the word CAT is an acronym, standing for Cause of Aggravation and Trouble.
I think he's right!

You can tell he's up to mischief can't you?
So apart from school holidays and kids bored because it is raining all the time, cats giving me a hard time, pet degus escaping, foxes terrorising our chickens and chicken palaces being built I have also tried to keep up with the August A-teamers. It has been difficult but I have only missed a day or two. I am enjoying the experience and have loved showing the fruits of my and my fellow A-teamers labour. So here are some of them:

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Trying to stay focussed


In dreamland

With his new best friend

Easier said than done when you have incredible cute kitties trying to steal the show. At least they have their mad half hour and then settle down for a good sleep, but as soon as they have settled others start their sneeky plans to waylay me.

Yesterday I was trying to paint some picture frames when I heard a panicky call " Mum help, the baby Degus have escaped they are running around the study" And yes the little blighters had got out and were having a party behind the desk! Three of the five, with the others egging them on from inside the cage. Great fun trying to keep 5 year old out of the study, he wants to see what we were doing, and the cat also casually walks in, maybe looking for a snack?.....
I will post some pictures of the scoundrels soon if they can keep still for long enough.

Before I go and try and get some sleep I will share with you what I have managed to create in spite of my life stock

And also I will show case some of the August A-team efforts. No theme today, just things that I really like!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Green is the colour of today!

Gorgeous green items today from the August A-team. I have to choose them by setting a theme or colour because the standard of the work offered is so high it's impossible to choose the prettiest.
I have been struggling to keep up with listing every day, but so far just one behind and hoping to get a bit of crafting time next week. There are however many tireless artist making rather nice stuff so if I don't manage no-one has to go without. Anyway, make someone day and buy some of these lovelies! (click on the pics and you'll fly there on a magic carpet!)

O I think I'd like to show you my pretty stars too, hope you like them too.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

August A-teamer efforts!

Bit behind on blogging, so I will cover a few days at the same time.

I decided to take "decorations" as the theme. Although I don't celebrate Christmas some decorations are very pretty and would cheer up any house.

They all inspire me to new ideas and I'm getting quite frustrated at not having time to make stuff at the moment. I've started a note book now to record my ideas so that when I have some time I'll remember....

Ok, so here are some of the lovely decorations made by BlueDaisyGlass, DiomoGlass, TopCat's Corner and Cwtch and also my own set of decorations from Astrid's Garden

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hectic week but look at these!

Been busy this week and really behind on listing, crafting and blogging, but today I have made a few minutes to share with you some of the goodies made by the A-teamers on Folksy. There were so many nice things again so I decided to pick only red ones today, as my own listing was is red too. Well enough waffle from me, here are the red entries:

And my own one

Monday, 9 August 2010

August A-team day nine!

Didn't get round to blog yesterday, but today I'm ready to share some more of the wonderful goodies offered by the A-teamers. As I have listed a fabric item today I thought I would share a few more delightful fabric listings. Here we go:

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Day seven of the August A-team

This is my listing for today but I love making things and often look around in the Folksy shops for lovely beads and things to create something. So today I thought I would showcase some of the items on offer today for those of us who like to make things ourselves... There are a few really nice beads and buttons today. Here they are, just click on the picture and you'll be whisked away!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Six days of August A-team effort

August A-teamers have been busy again today.

Here are some of the lovely bracelets they have on offer.

They are all quite different from each other but all are beautiful.

This is my (Astrid's Garden) offering for today.

A beautiful girly bracelet by Infiniti Jewellery

A cool bracelet in cool colours from Old Skool Retro Kitsch Boutique

This is one for the mermaid in us! By Maxine Veronica

Delicate but chunky, a statement piece by Blue Forest Jewellery

And finally an all metal one,very pretty, by
Sarah's Jewellery Designs