Monday, 25 October 2010

Ocktober Folk Fest for Men

I looked back over my blog posts and realised that most of the items I featured were for the girls. I realise that we often find getting presents for men rather more difficult so I decided to see what the October Folk Festers had to offer for the blokes we care about. It turned out to be quite a few lovely things:

These scooters are great, I'm sure there will be a few Scrubs lovers who'd like a nice scooter print to dream over like JD does!

A lovely warm scarf, maybe for a Dr Who fan in your life?

A wine stopper for The last of the summer wine? Well at least for your connoiseur.

Bend it like Beckham fans might like to keep their tickets and signed t-shirts in here.

A beautiful pair of cuff links to dress your man up like James Bond.....

And your Top Gear maniac may dream over this beautiful grille

All of which makes me realise I have nothing yet to offer the men..... Shame on me, I will endeavour to put this right asap. Please feel free to comment on what kind of things you men would like and I'll see if there is anything I can provide in my shop. But please keep it clean!!!
May be a notebook would be something you'd like but what kind of designs would you like, geometric or abstracts or maybe cars? Please let me know, it may spark me off to do a whole new range of things. Surely it has to be better than socks or toiletries.....

Monday, 18 October 2010

Knitted and crocheted wanna-haves!

I wasn't planning to do a blog today, but I saw all these lovely woollies and just had to! There is absolute no reason to be cold this winter with this abundance of gorgeous hats, scarves and gloves about! I was looking at some mass produced hats and scarf sets today and they were £17. Boring and expensive for something you see every other person wearing. Therefore my motto is:

Get something from Folksy!

And I have something knitted in my shop too, not a scarf or hat but nice nevertheless.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Beautiful pendants!

Having visitors at the moment means I have not had time to make anything new for my shop, so no new October Folk Fest listing from me at the moment. However, other people have been very busy, so have a feast on these beauties.

As you can see very varied but all very, very nice. If you want to buy ( and I'm sure you do!) just click on the photo and you will be whisked away to the respective shops.

And lastly one of my own pendant necklaces from Astrid's Garden.

Well I think you have plenty of choice here, but of course you can browse through the various shops to look for more delectable items. Enjoy!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Look at these pretty things!

As I have visitors coming this week and my house is a tip, I won't have too much time to do much blogging, so I thought I would show a few of the October Folk Fest brilliant items tonight.

I absolutely love this Keepsake box, the elephant on it is so cute. I'm sure there would be many girls who'd like it and I bet you they are not all little!

These funky rings are adorable, so fresh and unusual. Shame I'm a total butterfingers when it comes to rings, I even keep mislaying my wedding ring otherwise I would have got one. Sure there are others who'd like them!

Gorgeous glass panel, in a beautiful colour. Go on cheer up that window as outside becomes gloomier ( the Indian Summer won't last you know!)

Want to scare someone? These spider earrings are smashing but not for the arachnofobic! But if you don't mind spiders, go get them, there lovely.

These pretty little buttons can transform anything from a bag to a coat. Pop over to the shop and cheer yourself up with one of these cuties!

And this is my absolute favourite, what a brilliant gift, flowers but not flowers. Pretty but truly useful. You can't go wrong. Pop over to the shop as there are more colour options.

And lastly one of my own pretties from Astrid's Garden. Hope you like them, I think they are pretty cute.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

First week of the October Folk Fest

Another month another challenge. Yes I am mad, I have joined another monthly listing club. This one is called the October Folk Fest. I haven't had a lot of time to blog or do anything really as I have been playing taxi for the kids and unexpectedly Granny sitting! Granny sitting means listening to the same story several times a day and rescuing little kids from being overloaded on schooling ( granny loves teaching!), making loads of cups of tea and generally shouting as gran switches off her hearing aid as we are so noisy! Of course at the same time we are trying to put a new ceiling in our kitchen and everything there is upside down so I'm shattered and not hugely creative. Nevertheless I have managed to make a few things and today I also want to showcase a few of my fellow October Folk festers.

So here we go look at these beauties:

So you can find all these lovely goodies by clicking on the picture an you will be whisked to their respective shops. But don't rush off yet, have a look at some of the things Astrid's Garden has to offer.