Thursday, 19 May 2011

Commission necklace finished!

I finally finished my commission necklace. My customer was very happy with it. Here is a picture of the finished necklace.  In the first picture my daughter  is modelling, in the second it is shown in more detail.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Some more Mayhem!

Just a few of the lovely things on offer by the Mayhem listers. A bit of a blue theme.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Necklace under construction

I have been working on the necklace I have been asked to make. It has been great fun and it is nearly finished.  Here is what I have been doing:

 I collected the various materials, memory wire, beadalon rubber tubing and some large ribbed, red wood beads

Threading the wire through the tubing. That was a lot easier than I expected and it gives a really nice finish. I shall have to see what other colours are available.

The beads slide on very easily but the holes are a little too big and the beads won't stay in place.

I decided to locate the three beads together by drilling them and pinning them together.  It was "fun" to try, as my drill bit was a little bit too short and my tiny drill not quite powerful enough and I spend ages getting the first hole drilled. I borrowed a small drill and achieved what I wanted in a minute flat! I guess good tools are worth the money you pay for it.

 Here are all the elements of the necklace. I solved the problem of the holes which were too large by using some small, black,wooden beads either side of the red ones.  I had to ream the centres a little to fit over the rubber tubing but they really finish them of nicely. It will be a necklace in two parts, the three bead choker is one part and the slightly longer necklace that lies lower on the neck. Tomorrow I will finish of the ends and then it's ready for it's first inspection. Hopefully my customer will like it, but in any case it has been a great learning experience.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Jewellery making commission

I have been asked to make a special necklace for someone. I went on-line to get a picture of it as it was from a film (Arthur and the Invisibles) and this is it:
Image from  Internet
Well at first it looked simple enough but thinking about it there are a couple of complications. At the moment I'm thinking of rubber tubing with memory wire inserts, but that doesn't space the beads apart on the choker part. So I'm still busy thinking on how to space them apart. Looking at it closely again I also noticed that there is a size difference that I hadn't noticed before. Well as soon as my materials come in I will take photos of the process of making this commission.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Mayhem at Folksy!

No, nothing to worry about it is just another listing club. This month it is Mayhem. But beautiful Mayhem. Above are some of my fellow Mayhemmers gorgeous goodies. Click on the photo and you will be transported to the relevant shop, where you can find many more lovely items.

I have been busy elsewhere lately but I have re-listed some beautiful items in my own shop hope they will find a new home soon!