Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Uninspired, under siege and underwhelmed.

I don't know what it is but everything I start at the moment goes wrong.  Paintings don't work out, inchies just look tatty and beads are not speaking to me at the moment. In my head I have visions of very pretty things but I cannot bring them to fruition.
The cats are also troublesome as they insist on breaking their way into my crafting space and jump on my desk or rummage through my materials. The trouble with having FOUR of them is that when you get one out three others sneak in again.
It's probably  revenge on their part as we left them at home and went on a short break in the Lake District. The kids looked after them well but according to them it is not the same. We should be here to serve them. Or we'll wee on your bed!

Yes one of them really did and then they had an even better idea.... Puncture the waterbed! There we were thinking they'd done it again and they were just sniggering in their whiskas!
Ok so I have bought the stuff to mend the waterbed now and they seem to have forgiven us but I am still not allowed any peace to craft. They have to interfere. I think I will have to build them a big gazebo type thing in the garden that they can lounge about in when the weather is nice. It is sad they can't go out except on a lead but even here in the countryside the traffic is too dangerous. 
Other things that have interfered lately with creativity and opportunity to make things has been the total lack of support from my domestic appliances.  The dishwasher makes my dishes dirtier than they go in and throws hissy fits every two or three days flooding the kitchen, the tumble dryer is being "cool"  and the microwave threatened to go up in flames yesterday. Thank goodness "Henry" still works even though he spends an extraordinarily amount of time lying on his back....
Anyway, I'm hoping the postman will bring me some parcels tomorrow so I can try out some different techniques and maybe kick-start me again.