Tuesday, 28 June 2011

My first Craft Fair!

Last week I did my first Craft Fair. The weather forecast was horrible, so I was a bit worried. As it turned out it was a gorgeous day, just a bit windy. When I arrived there was only one other seller and he turned out to be a fellow Folkser! Here are some pictures of our stalls

This is mine 

and this is Aberfan Turning with some gorgeous pens and other lovely goodies.

I bought one of his light pulls as I'm planning a make-over for my bathroom with driftwood and sea themed items. Really chuffed with it, as it was just what I was looking for.

There was quite a bit of entertainment and a few other stalls but it was rather quiet overall. These cuties gave the children rides

There were plenty of edible goodies to be had and one of the local Art Clubs was also there.

Penlon Farm Produce
(seriously yummy jams and chutneys)
Delicious cakes from Derigalteisen

All in all it was a good experience and I did manage to sell a few things. I won't be so worried about doing it again. Although outside fairs are definitely  more worrying as the wind did tip some of the gazebos over. Mine stayed put as my husband had tied them down with sandbags.  He stayed around all day too, getting food and drinks for me, wasn't that nice? Later in the day my daughter and son turned up too and my daughter actually managed to double my sales, clever girl!

Friday, 10 June 2011

June Bugs go floral!

I won't have time to do much blogging over the next week as I'm going to a wedding and then have to prepare for my first craft fair. I'm quite excited about the fair but a little bit worried too as I have never done it before. Not sure if I have invested to much in packaging but I thought a purchase looks nicer if it comes in pretty packaging. We'll see how it goes.  In the mean time I have been listing every day in my Folksy shop as a member of the June Bugs.  I have picked the floral themed items listed today. They are very varied and pretty. Click on the picture and you will be whisked off to their respective shops.

I'm afraid I didn't make any floral items, mine were inspired by the Pirates of the Carribean and have Black Pearls in them. Hope you like them, I'm quite partial to them myself.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

June Bugs are busy bees!

I've not had much time to get creative recently but fortunately I have quite a stack of pretty things prepared  for this months listing club, the June Bugs.  Other busy June Bugs have also made lots of gorgeous items and I will show a nice selection of them as well as some of my own.

And here are a few pretty items I have made

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Couldn't sleep last night.

Last night I was lying awake and my mind was whizzing with ideas to make stuff.  I had bought some gorgeous red pearls from Madcowbeads and was totally at a loss what to do with them. On one of my wanderings about I walked past some red spotted fabric and a little light bulb came on.  Today I actually started of with some of it.
This is the pile of materials I started with.  I have some spotty fabric, some iron-on vylene, wooden skewers and large wooden beads.  I was being supervised by a sleepy feline who had stowed away in a cardboard box.

 Fortunately he was very sleepy and stayed in his box so I managed to get on and give a couple of different bead styles a try.  I made some barrel beads an inch long and just under half an inch diameter, some titchy "bi-cone" ones and covered three large wooden beads as well.  I have made the bi-cone type before but I had never covered wooden beads or tried to make really tiny ones either.

 Tomorrow I will add the gorgeous pearls to it and post the results.  Please let me know what  you think.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Last of the Mayhem