Monday, 7 February 2011

Valentinos and Aceos

I didn't know what my blog should be about, the Valentinos listing club or the busy Aceo artists.
When I started through the Valentinos listings I realised the Aceo artists were there in great numbers! So that made it easier for me. Here they are, the ones above are mine and all the gorgeous ones underneath are all the other Valentinos Aceo Artists.


Millie D said...

I love your kitties! Thanks for showing my tomato, I must sort the pictures out, it looks huge and its only a little tomato:)
I'm amazed at the great variety of art here.

NOfkantsCurios said...

All beautiful! Such wonderful talent on folksy!

Natalie x

Maxine Veronica said...

Your paintings have such life, and your cats are really cute.

Thank you for including my Seascape too.

Max x

Gemma said...

Cute kitties! Such a great talent of artists on Folksy. Gorgeous picks

Audrey's Cat - By Dawn said...

Great Cats! full of character.

Leanne said...

Love the cats. I can't paint for toffee but thank you so much for including my tree:)

Leanne xx

lisbonlioness said...

I love your kitties, you are really talented!
Great finds, what a lovely bunch of little artworks.

Michele Bruce - Carter said...

Hello, its great to meet you and thank you for adding me to your follow list. Your artwork is very lovely.

Michele Bruce - Carter said...

That you for adding me - your so creative - love the variety! I have worked on different mediums as well..i look at it as cross training..=)) and i keeps me from getting painters block <3 great to meet you