Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Inchies inspired!

A few days ago I really felt uninspired and I blogged about it. I told you about the things going wrong and the interference I was getting from the cats. It was surprisingly freeing and your comments also cheered me up.
I decided that what was needed was a rethink on the interference. Maybe they weren't interfering but actually telling me to do something. As they were drawn to the photographic light box I guessed they wanted to be "in the picture" I took a pile of photos of them and looked at some inchies on the web and came to the decision to make some "Kitty Inchies."

I thouroughly enjoyed making these and a stack of prepared inchies is ready on my desk to add more kitty-ness to.  Surprisingly the left me to get on with it and snoozed in various places. I wonder if that is a sign that this is what they wanted?