Sunday, 8 May 2011

Necklace under construction

I have been working on the necklace I have been asked to make. It has been great fun and it is nearly finished.  Here is what I have been doing:

 I collected the various materials, memory wire, beadalon rubber tubing and some large ribbed, red wood beads

Threading the wire through the tubing. That was a lot easier than I expected and it gives a really nice finish. I shall have to see what other colours are available.

The beads slide on very easily but the holes are a little too big and the beads won't stay in place.

I decided to locate the three beads together by drilling them and pinning them together.  It was "fun" to try, as my drill bit was a little bit too short and my tiny drill not quite powerful enough and I spend ages getting the first hole drilled. I borrowed a small drill and achieved what I wanted in a minute flat! I guess good tools are worth the money you pay for it.

 Here are all the elements of the necklace. I solved the problem of the holes which were too large by using some small, black,wooden beads either side of the red ones.  I had to ream the centres a little to fit over the rubber tubing but they really finish them of nicely. It will be a necklace in two parts, the three bead choker is one part and the slightly longer necklace that lies lower on the neck. Tomorrow I will finish of the ends and then it's ready for it's first inspection. Hopefully my customer will like it, but in any case it has been a great learning experience.


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Wow! That really is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing how it was put together - really hard work I guess!

hannelore_cossins said...

It was fun to do, but some aspects were a little troublesome. Thank you for your comments It's lovely to get some feedback!