Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Preserving a bit of summer!

For the first time our orchard has given us a harvest. The plum trees were so full of fruit that the branches were drooping down to the ground. Picking them was fun as the wasps had also found them and were there in great numbers. Fortunately they were to busy gorging themselves to pay much attention to me. I just had to be careful not to put my finger on wasp occupied plums. I made a nice plum cobbler yesterday which we had with custard, yummy. My middle son Conor had already made a load of jam so I thought I would freeze the last bucket full of them.

There you are, five bags of preserved summer. Now we can have a few cobblers in the winter too!


Kat said...


We are fortunate, in that our immediate neighbours also have a plum tree so laden, that they've had to put supports under the branches. They also don't eat plums, which means we're the fortunate recipients of this abundance.
We're being good, though, and offering a goodly share to our friends {grin}
But, seeing your lovely photos, I think I'm going to have to give hubby some step-by-step instructions on cooking plums, so that we, too, will have some frozen lushness over the coming winter months. :)