Thursday, 17 January 2013

Look who's come to live with us.

Last August I went for a walk with my family and met a wonderful dog.  As we fussed the dog we chatted with his owner and found out that the dog was a retired greyhound.  As regular readers know we lost our lurcher a few years ago and he had left a bit of a gap.  Anyhow after meeting this guy we decided to see if we could re-home one of these gentle hounds.  Obviously we had to consider the other animals in our home. Normally greyhounds and lurchers are not considered safe to keep with cats and other small furries. But although this is true for many hounds, there are many dogs that live happily and peacefully with cats and small dogs.
We applied to the Greyhound Rescue Wales and we had a lovely lady come and do our home-check. And then the wait for a cat-friendly dog started.

So now we are in January and our hound shaped gap has finally been filled. Meet Sammy.  He is a 9-year old greyhound. He is the most laid-back hound ever. He ignores the cats, puts up with the fuss of a chihuahua and thoroughly enjoys a cuddle.
He spends most of his time stretched out on his bed as he doesn't like the laminate floors. I have bought him some non-slip socks and that has helped a bit but he does have a bit of a "thing" about slipping so we may need to  put some carpet runners down for him so he can wander about without the fear of slipping. He is getting quite excited about walkies and he is a dream to take out as he walks to heel perfectly.  The only problem is the chi likes to walk underneath him leading to some interesting tangles.  Keep  watching this space as I think he may feature in a few animal kapers!


Whimsy Woo Designs said...

Ahh! What a lovely story.

Shirley x