Wednesday, 21 July 2010

What do you do if it's raining?

Well raining is not the word for it, it's more like a deluge most of the time, only stopped in the last half hour or so. The answer to my question is: make cards! So that's what I've done and here are some of them. I put them for sale in my Folksy shop.
It was even hard to get enough light to take the picture for some as it is so gloomy outside.

Of course I get help from cat beast, usually in the form of jumping up in the table just as I have arranged all the cards and scattering them all around the table. Or he chews my backing paper... Why I don't know, I think he doesn't approve of the paper as he leaves the fabrics alone.
If I shoo him away he decides to dig through my stamp drawer and beats my tiny stamps under the desk. Who needs this kind of anarchy?

And just as I thought that it couldn't get worse my 5 year old son decides that he needs to remind me about housework and brings me various cleaning materials and plonks them on my desk. Grrr, it doesn't really make any difference if I clean because within 5 minutes it's a mess again anyway...especially in the holidays and they're stuck indoors. Never mind I better go and push the hoover around a bit and decide what I'm making for dinner.