Thursday, 9 September 2010

September Stars

I know it has been a while since I posted anything on here. It has been a little busy again and I had to try and make things too, otherwise there would be nothing to list! Also the weather has been atrocious and it has been very hard to take some decent pictures. So if the photo's in my shop are not so good that's the reason why, I blame it on the weatherman!

As the title suggests I have joined other Folksy fiends again in the challenge of listing one item a day during the month of September. So far I have not managed that, but I have tried. Hopefully it will get easier the rest of the month.

I have chosen a few nice items made by the September Stars to share with you:

These are all very pretty and you can get them by clicking on the pictures and you will be whisked of to the respective shops where you can buy these beauties or look at some of the other items for sale. Go on you know you want to!

And if that is not enough, here is one I made earlier!


hannelore_cossins said...

If you tried to comment here and it didn't work please let me know via face book please.

Gemma said...

I love your purple pendant. Great other choices too

Lizzyanthus said...

Thank you for including our Butterfly Chaser Necklace. Your purple Phyllis pendant is very eye-catching.

mags.carter said...

Oooooh what a lovely selection of items! I love the butterfly chain pendant - its beautiful :) thanks for including me too.
Mags x