Sunday, 7 November 2010


I realised it has been a while since the stars of the show featured on my blog so I thought it would be nice to post a few photos of them today. They have been up to a bit of mischief over the last few weeks.

They have taken a dislike to my blackout blinds and try to unroll them in the middle of the night and then fall of the window sill! Goodness me, the noise 4 and a half kilo of cat makes when it hits the ground...Oh it might have been me hitting the roof in fright!

My oriental does object to me spending time on the computer and wanders over my laptop in an apparently casual saunter and ALWAYS manages to wander onto my OFF button. It happens too often to be accidental.

The ginger kitten who started out as Satsuma has been renamed as he is one of the greediest cats I know. He is now known as Fat Sumo. I swear he grows another set of legs when I try to stop him pouncing on the other cats food dish. He breaks into the wardrobe where I keep the cat food pouches and rips them open. He is a scandalous glutton!

Anyway that's enough of that, here are a few photos to show their better side and hopefully it will make you smile

Photos? Yes ok here I am. Do I look handsome? I know I do!

And no, he is not helping me with the laundry!

"I thought you said -Dinner-"

Having a cat nap.


averilpam said...

they are very pretty kitties!

Kat said...

Awww, your babies are just so adorable, Hannelore :)
It's a wonder you get anything done with these lovelies around {grin}