Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Making a list of things to do.

Time is running away with me. I have hundreds of ideas but rarely get to do any. Why is this? Obviously a household with seven people in it takes a lot of time and effort but even that doesn't explain why I seem to be so short of time.
I really need to sort out what is going on. I suppose it doesn't help that my arts and craft stuff is all over the place. My craft room is in the conservatory and it just has been too cold to sit in there, so I drag my stuff to the sitting room. The problem with that is that I get distracted by all the goings on in there and everything gets muddled up and I spend a large proportion of time just finding things. (or the cats try to make of with my newly felted items!!)
I also find all the promoting of my website and Etsy shop hard work. Facebook and twitter don't come naturally to me and I am sure I do it wrong most of the time. It is rather frustrating to read all the experts telling you you need to "engage" your audience by asking them questions or giving them options to choose from and when you do this you get feedback from just one person and she is your old granny...
So what to do?  My plan is to make a list that includes all the things I need to do to make me use my time more economically. This will include clearing out my craftroom, throwing away a lot of  "it may come in useful later" items and make a schedule for Facebook and Twitter time.
And of course I need to blog more. But at the moment it feels like I just do not have much to share.  My daughters are encouraging me to do some Youtube videos too, but again I can't think what kind of things I should show. What I hope is  that when I start to organise my crafting I may actually be more creative and that that will then lead to more sales too.
So  I hope I haven't bored you to death, and you wil be looking in from time to time looking to see if I have improved!
To finish off, I have been making stuff, and over the last three days I have made some felt earrings. Please let me know if you like them.

They will be for sale on my website. And yes, I have finally remembered to put a direct link on here today. Just click on the Astrid's Garden button at the top righthand of the blog and you will be whizzed of to there!