Monday, 12 March 2012

Panic stations!

No crafting this afternoon for me because when I was finishing my housework today I spotted TWO of my indoor cats in the garden. I rushed out to get them in as soon as possible as it was just getting to the really busy time on our road past the house.   So as I ran into the garden calling  the cats I heard a loud hollering from the top of the house.  Expecting to see one of the remaining rotters in a window lamenting the lack of adventure in the garden , I looked up and spotted my big Ginge sitting in the guttering.

He was absolutely terrified. I decided to get the other cats in first, hoping fervently he wouldn't chuck himself off the roof in the meantime.  When I got round to the front of the house my two escapees were clammering by the front door to be let in. Having admitted them I rushed upstairs to the loft rooms to get some idea of how to get Sumo the Ginge of the roof.  Looking through the window he must have busted out off, I realised that the blanket I had brought up was nowhere long enough to reach him. I had to try from the window in the next room as that came down lower on the roof. I threw the blanket out and expected him to clamber straight up it and have it all over and done with but he had other thoughts.  He was too terrified to turn around so he would only look at me over his shoulder.  I talked and cajoled shouted and threatened for ages until he got enough courage to turn around so he was facing me.  Then he got a brain short circuit and could only move backwards , so he actually lost all the ground he gained whilst moving round.

 My daughter then turned up (she took the photos). She came upstairs to remove the other cats from the loft as they were getting very worked up and were making loads of silly noises. She called all the cats and Sumo decided to look up at the window.  I suddenly could see the cogs turning in his silly little catbrain. I stretched out of the window and continued calling and cajoling him.  He then decided to stick his head UNDER the blanket.  Understandable,but not very useful. I pulled the blanket off his head and tried to convince him to CLIMB.THE.STUPID.BLANKET.  For crying out loud he's got claws, what's wrong with him?  He looked up at me again, his normally pale pink nose now bright fuschia and his eyes HUGE. I think  he just thought " Stuff it I, am going for it"  He started up the blanket and as soon as I could grip him, I nabbed his scruff and hauled him in. Pffff..... safe.  His thanks was a soaking wet tail in my face.  Cats....who'd have them!


lisbonlioness said...

Just reading this makes me sick with anxiety. Oh my word, Astrid, what a nightmare. I know how you must have felt and it is the worst thing I could imagine. All mine are indoor cats (I simply do not trust other people not to harm them)and one of mine was on the run for 9 days before I finally got her back. So glad you got them all back inside unharmed... bless you, have a glass of wine on that and cuddle all the silliness out of them tonight!

She loves a good yarn said...

Cor blimey, they really are the most stoopid of creatures sometimes aren't they, mine are all indoor cats too so can imagine the total panic on both Sumo's face and yours! Glad all is well now though.