Friday, 13 April 2012

Goosey, goosey, gander!

Yesterday I went to see a man about some geese. I put a big cage in the back of my car and off I went. I haven't had geese before and I wasn't even sure I could handle them. As it turned out they are lovely. They are called Sid and Gussie. Here is a picture of them:
So I thought they made a good theme for a nice Folksy blog, I looked around on Folksy and found all these Goose themed items. Enjoy!

Handprinted by A.Deegan Sally Belinda Designs Sally Ayling 3
The Home Press Bumblebee Cottage Mandarin Duck


Just K Jewellery said...

Sid & Gussie look lovely - I've always wanted ducks!
I love the goose themed goodies!

Sharon Perry said...

aw, they look like they will be lots of fun...I know someone who has geese and they behave like guard dogs, it's really funny!

A Deegan said...

Sid and Gussie look like a really splendid pair, and just a little mischievious! Thank you for featuring my goose :)

liz said...

Aah, they look fun. Never thought about keeping geese. are they noisy?

Hannelore Cossins said...

They were very noisy when they arrived as they didn't know us and were alarmed when they saw us. Now, a few days on they mutter and squeek a bit when they see me but have stopped shouting loudly at me. They do however try to bully the chickens and make a bit of noise then. Still I have a dog living across the road who makes just as much noise and he does so constantly.

Sarah Hughes said...

They look lovely, although I have to admit I'm a tiny bit scared of geese (crazy I know).

I love the embroidered picture.