Sunday, 8 April 2012

What is going on?

This week I was waiting for a delivery of a new chair. It arrived last wednesday and of course everything had to be inspected and tried out. It was Umi's shift so look what he got up to:

"Hello, hello, hello what is going on here then?"

" What have you got here? I must go and inspect"

"Hmmm, what way is up?"

 "What are you doing on that side?"

"I don't know for sure woman, but I think you have got it the wrong way"

Well Umi obviously didn't think much of the chair and has steadfastly ignored it since but all the others try to be in or on it at all cost, even if it means sharing it with a human.  I think I may need to get another one!


liz said...

I have been moving all my craft stuff to a different room this week (still haven't finished), but every box had to be examined and sat in by one of the cats.

Sarah said...

I love the photo at the end with all the cats squeezed on the chair - very sweet.