Monday, 13 August 2012

Home Sweet Home- There's nobody home but us chickens.

Today not inside but in my back yard.  It is rather overgrown and messy as we are still trying to get it fenced and made safe for the chickens and geese.  But they don't care.

 The cockerel is called Button and he was our only chick that we have had hatch.  He's taken over from his dad Chirpy who died about 6 months ago.

These two lavender ladies are called Cinders and Charcoal  and they are perched on top of the gate to get to the weeds that make a tasty snack for them.  It is hilarious to see them squabble to get near to the end of the gate.
The geese (Sid and Gussie) like to patrol the area an keep the chickens in check.  The chickens depart swiftly  but they do return as soon as they have passed!

Home sweet Home is an idea of Barbaramama, you can find a list with all participants on her blog!


Barbaramama said...

Wat een mooi stelletje bij elkaar zo! Echt prachtige dieren!

Home sweet home X

Jenske said...

Wat gezellig zo van die scharrelde kippetjes!