Monday, 8 October 2012


It has been a while since I have done a Home sweet home post but today I realised I had not shared my Flipper in the bathroom with you.  Flipper is  quite special to me.  I have always been creative and have been busy with many crafts and mastered quite a few (but still not crochet!  What is SO HARD about that?) but I had never ever painted and very rarely worked in colour. However one day after I had painted my loo I wanted to do someting special to it.  I had come to the wall colour accidentally as I had mixed a bit of midnight blue paint with white to get light blue.... OK that turned out to be a very deep turquoise.  Not a problem as I love that colour but for such a little room there was rather a lot of it.  I left it to dry and wet to iron some duvet covers and one of them had this beautiful dolphin on it.  Yes, I had a lightbulb moment then!  I sketched the outline on the wall and started with some paints to make it real.  It was a wonderful project and I realised that painting wasn't so different from drawing.  So Flipper was my first painting and it has led to many more enjoyable hours painting although not quite on this scale.


Barbaramama said...

WOW! Heb je die zelf geschilderd? Echt ontzettend mooi!
Prachtige dieren he? Ik heb ooit de mazzel gehd om met ze te mogen zwemmen......hele bijzondere belevenis!

Home sweet home X

Hannelore Cossins said...

Wat heerlijk zeg, dat je met ze gezwommen hebt, dat is nog altijd een droom voor mij. Ik kan ze wel hier in de zee zien zwemmen soms maar toch altijd nogal ver weg