Saturday, 6 June 2015

H2Only-the 4th day

Well I meant to blog every day to keep you updated but it turned out going cold turkey on coffee is not easy...I started the first day with a slight headache that turned into a raging, monstrous migraine. I took painkillers but ended up in bed not being very well at all.  The next day was slightly better, as long as I kept sunglasses on throughout the day but still had to go and have a lie down to ease the headache.  Hubby surprised me with a lovely fish and chips dinner so I did not have to concentrate on cooking (I dread to think how that would have turned out!)
Still I drank the hot water, the cold water and... yeah more water.

I am glad my daughters and my nine year old son are joining in because it would be very hard to keep going without them egging me on.
The third day I had an idea... I remembered that you could get paracetamol with caffeine. So on went the sunglasses and off I went to visit the chemist.  It turned out fabulous, the tablets worked in about 20 min and I could feel the cloud lifting together with the pain. At least now I could look after my family properly and maybe get some crafting done too.
But I had forgotten my son and I were invited to a party in the park. So as a precaution I popped on the sunglasses and shoved a bottle of water in my bag. I need not have worried, as soon as I arrived I was greeted by my friend Gillie with a nice cup of sparkly water. Now  wasn't that nice?  She has also made a generous contribution to the fund, so thank you very much! We had a super time and did not feel we missed out at all.  In the evening at home I found my other son had made some super delicious brownies so I felt super blessed!

Super delicious brownies

 I hope to be able to complete the challenge together with my kids and hopefully you will feel inclined to make me feel it was worth suffering all that. Please donate here


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