Thursday, 2 June 2011

Couldn't sleep last night.

Last night I was lying awake and my mind was whizzing with ideas to make stuff.  I had bought some gorgeous red pearls from Madcowbeads and was totally at a loss what to do with them. On one of my wanderings about I walked past some red spotted fabric and a little light bulb came on.  Today I actually started of with some of it.
This is the pile of materials I started with.  I have some spotty fabric, some iron-on vylene, wooden skewers and large wooden beads.  I was being supervised by a sleepy feline who had stowed away in a cardboard box.

 Fortunately he was very sleepy and stayed in his box so I managed to get on and give a couple of different bead styles a try.  I made some barrel beads an inch long and just under half an inch diameter, some titchy "bi-cone" ones and covered three large wooden beads as well.  I have made the bi-cone type before but I had never covered wooden beads or tried to make really tiny ones either.

 Tomorrow I will add the gorgeous pearls to it and post the results.  Please let me know what  you think.


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

The beads are amazing! Sometimes it is good not to be able to sleep! lol!