Friday, 10 June 2011

June Bugs go floral!

I won't have time to do much blogging over the next week as I'm going to a wedding and then have to prepare for my first craft fair. I'm quite excited about the fair but a little bit worried too as I have never done it before. Not sure if I have invested to much in packaging but I thought a purchase looks nicer if it comes in pretty packaging. We'll see how it goes.  In the mean time I have been listing every day in my Folksy shop as a member of the June Bugs.  I have picked the floral themed items listed today. They are very varied and pretty. Click on the picture and you will be whisked off to their respective shops.

I'm afraid I didn't make any floral items, mine were inspired by the Pirates of the Carribean and have Black Pearls in them. Hope you like them, I'm quite partial to them myself.


bluedaisyglass said...

Thanks for including my flower pendant. Good luck with the upcoming craft fair. I think pretty packaging is a good investment.

imogens.imagination said...

what a pretty selection!

ive been eyeing up petunia the puss all day on folksy so im im very chuffed my clips are deemed as pretty! :o)

thank you so much,


Gemma said...

Gorgeous floral goodies. Thanks for including my earrings amongst them. Dawn's cat is sooooo cute!

Infiniti said...

Thanks for including my bracelet in your beautiful floral blog #
Lisa x

uhooi said...

Wow,, It works very nice, beautiful and creative,,