Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bead making marathon.

 Here are the first beads I made and the necklaces I turned them into.

Over the last few days I have been making lots of fabric beads.  It is a great way of using up small pieces of fabric.  I decorated some of them by winding matching or contrasting silks around them.  I was however finding that some of the scraps I had were too little to make beads from. I then had a brilliant idea, I made a bead from plain fabric and the wound a small piece of the pretty fabric around it. I am thinking of decorating some of them a bit more with silks,ribbons ar raffia but for now I have been turning them onto pretty gorgeous necklaces.  Some of them have already gone on sale at FunkiBlue and some will go on my website.  Just for now I am just rolling,rolling rolling.  I will have to go and search out the local charity shops for some more pretty fabrics and hopefully some coloured denim.


liz said...

These are so pretty. I made some years ago, you have inspired me to have another go. One more thing to add to my endless list of things to try:)
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