Monday, 21 May 2012

Meeting fellow crafters

Last Saturday I braved another fair.  I went with the thought that as long as my table fee and petrol money were covered it was a good day and I did that plus a little bit extra.  I shared my table with local crafter Milly  who knits ragbags and makes very cute owls amongst other things.
The lady who organised the event had a specific idea in mind. She wanted to get local crafters together so we could build some connections. Well I really did that (even though I find that normally very difficult) I really loved chatting to my fellow stalholders (easy to do as it was quite quiet for a while) and they helped me with a few more contact and ideas.  I hope I will be able to return the favour sometime.  Hopefully this was the first of a few so hopefully we will get some more visitors next time.  Here are some of the lovely stalls

 This was Anne's stall, she makes the most gorgeous bead embroidered jewellery.

I had met this lady previously and I bought a lovely kit from her for my son.  He still has it, it is a little lamb marionette, and he loves it.

 This stall  is "Hooray for clay" with scrumptious buttons, dishes and other lovely ceramic goodies.

This lovely lady spins her own wool and she knits lovely jumpers.  She is a retired crafts teacher and she loves to encourage others to be creative.

 The only chap at the show was Mr Roy Leett.  His photographic artwork was really lovely, and I bought some of his fridge magnets as they were ever so pretty.

This is a stall called Chwaethus, and she sold these very cute signs (some of them in Welsh, as we are in Wales)  You can find her here on Facebook and her work is also for sale in Funki Blue

These two very cheerful ladies were making cards (some very elaborate) and knitted wire bracelets and tiaras. 

Well it was fun to do and I will look forward to next month when there is another one.  I will keep you posted.