Monday, 28 May 2012

Fun and games with animals.

I have been trying to get on and make some stuff, I promise but it has been manic.  Last Thursday the fox came and killed one of our chickens and we have been busy trying to make the garden safer for them. In the mean time the chickens are kept in the run and the geese have been moved to the front garden. Not ideal but I can keep an eye on them.  Friday it got to be very hot and they were looking a bit distressed and I decided to get them a tub of cool water to chill. This was a huge hit!

Obviously the box wasn't  big enough for two of them at the same time so they had to take it in turns but they had so much fun. They had a big paddling pool in the back garden but they  kept puncturing it so I had been looking for an alternative. So Saturday I got them a kiddies sandpit/paddling pool and it has been fantastic. I shall post photo's of them in that soon.
In the mean time my husband and son have been slogging away at the garden, cutting trees and undergrowth so we can put a fence and a "Goose Hoose" up.  Of course with the weather being so nice I have done stacks of washing too (lots of washing in our house!) and folding and ironing has been a huge task.

So this morning I was happily (or at least pretending  to be happy) doing a mountain of ironing when I heard a peculiar noise. I turned around to see Tilda "the fat one" with  her head in a jamjar. I laughed and got my camera out to take a quick snap. As soon as I had taken the photo I tried to take the jar of her head but to my and her great consternation it was stuck!  I tried twisting the jar, twisting her head and pulled gently, but it was stuck. Suddenly she went floppy against my legs. I freaked and yanked hard at the jar. This seemed to wake her up a bit and she struggled hard and suddenly she came free. I sat on the floor in the kitchen cuddling her and breathing a sigh of relief.  There is never a dull moment in this house I promise!


Chrissy said...

What a great picture. Your poor cat - hopefully she has learnt her lesson from that!!