Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Ooh lovely new materials!

Do you get excited when there is a knock on the door and when you open it there is someone with a box full of goodies for you? I love it.  Today was on of those days.  I had finished my first crochet project  and a friend of mine liked it very much so I decided to make her one too. So this morning I started on some of the squares needed for her bag.  Of course I have to try and make it just a teeny  bit different so here are some of the squares made so far.  I will just see how they look best.

This is my finished bag

 and these are the squares I have made so far

As I was busy crocheting and of course already plotting the next project there was that knock on the door.   I wasn't the only one slightly excited about this, to get to the door I had to dodge a slightly over excited Chi and a large stand-in-the-way greyhound.  Having overcome these obstacles I got to the door and there was a nice chap with a big box.  I brought the box in and fiddled about with that infernal cellotape.  Of course  there wasn't a normal everyday pair of scissors about now, was there?  Anyhow I managed to get in and here are the treasures I found.

The colours are gorgeous and go beautifully together so I can plan some new crochet projects now!
While I was opening the box and taking the pictures so I could show you I could hear some commotion outside my livingroom window.  Look who was being nosey!

Cheeky chickens!
(btw, I know my windows are "dirty"  it is my cats' nose art)


Katy Board said...

oooh, gorgeous squares, and even more gorgeous new yarn!

Have a fantastic time crocheting with it, won't you :)