Sunday, 15 August 2010

Green is the colour of today!

Gorgeous green items today from the August A-team. I have to choose them by setting a theme or colour because the standard of the work offered is so high it's impossible to choose the prettiest.
I have been struggling to keep up with listing every day, but so far just one behind and hoping to get a bit of crafting time next week. There are however many tireless artist making rather nice stuff so if I don't manage no-one has to go without. Anyway, make someone day and buy some of these lovelies! (click on the pics and you'll fly there on a magic carpet!)

O I think I'd like to show you my pretty stars too, hope you like them too.


JAustenJewelleryDesign said...

What a lovely blog! Thank you so much for featuring my malachite necklace. Your invitation to others to visit the shops featured here shop must have worked, as it sold almost as soon as I had listed it!

Thank you!

Jacqueline x

hannelore_cossins said...

Oh that is wonderful!

Chasing Beads said...

Thanks for featuring my 'Little Star' Earrings, I'll mention it on my F'book page.

Love your blog, comes across as very friendly.

Thanks again


lisbonlioness said...

Gorgeous stuff, a pleasure to look at!

Womble said...

Thanks so much for showing my Sales Fairy Keyring :o) all the other items look fab too xXx

Sarah said...

Green is my colour of every day, I love green! The malachite necklace is beautiful :)

Sarah x