Sunday, 22 August 2010

My Sunday post!

Been busy but just a quick post today. Firstly I want to mention the Folksy Showcase Sunday where fellow Folksy members feature a shop they really like. So far I have only done this on my facebook page but today I will share it here too.

The Showcase I have chosen to feature this week is LaCosturera
She sells beautiful clothes in gorgeous colours and also does custom orders. So if you want something really special have a look!

Of course I am still being distracted and driven to distraction by my cats. My husband says the word CAT is an acronym, standing for Cause of Aggravation and Trouble.
I think he's right!

You can tell he's up to mischief can't you?
So apart from school holidays and kids bored because it is raining all the time, cats giving me a hard time, pet degus escaping, foxes terrorising our chickens and chicken palaces being built I have also tried to keep up with the August A-teamers. It has been difficult but I have only missed a day or two. I am enjoying the experience and have loved showing the fruits of my and my fellow A-teamers labour. So here are some of them:


MissBohemia said...

Thanks so much for featuring my Alice pendant!
Some wonderful designs from fellow Folksy Artists!

lisbonlioness said...

Love that kitty!
I can tell from (painful) experience that ginger toms are the personification of trouble ;)