Saturday, 14 August 2010

August A-teamer efforts!

Bit behind on blogging, so I will cover a few days at the same time.

I decided to take "decorations" as the theme. Although I don't celebrate Christmas some decorations are very pretty and would cheer up any house.

They all inspire me to new ideas and I'm getting quite frustrated at not having time to make stuff at the moment. I've started a note book now to record my ideas so that when I have some time I'll remember....

Ok, so here are some of the lovely decorations made by BlueDaisyGlass, DiomoGlass, TopCat's Corner and Cwtch and also my own set of decorations from Astrid's Garden


Diomoglass said...

Thank you for including my string of hearts - the wicker hearts are fab!

Jesselula said...

Thanks for adding my toadstools :) I'm so glad people love them :) :)