Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Day 4 of the August A-teamers

Busy day again today, had to look after new kitty.Just a few pictures to show you how cute it is. He's been named now, he shall be known from now on as Satsuma. He is incredibly brave (or stupid) and will tackle the big cats with gusto.
I'm sure there will be lots of stories soon about what he gets up to, so keep reading!

Now, let's see what the August A-teamers have been up to today. Lots of really lovely items for sale again, so I decided again to go for a theme to help me choose some of the items to blog about. So here we go. Click on the photo and it will go directly to the shop so you can purchase them if you wish to. I'm sure you will, there are some really lovely ones.
The theme today is hearts.

And my own little treasure item


Gnomead said...

Thankyou for featuring my Pink Heart! x

Leanne said...

Such a cute little kitten and thank you for featuring my little wall plaque too:)

Gemma said...

Aww! Such a cute kitten. Lovely heart choices from the A-team