Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday Fantastic

Lately I have spend too much time searching for beads. Not on the internet, but in my craftroom.  I kept most of my beads in zip lock bags in a huge glass jar.  I thought they would be easy to see but I ended up throwing the beads on the table every time.  Finally I had had enough and I decided to go and see if the local pound shop had some plastic boxes.  I had real fun sorting through all the beads and  put them all   in the boxes. The result has been great, I can find everything easily now and it is very easy to spot where I need more beads of specific colours. So off to get some more beads! 


Love Maisy Lee said...

Oh i love how organised your beads are, and how beautiful they all look.
I need to organise my threads, i will keep an eye out for these boxes in mylocal pund shop too.