Monday, 16 July 2012


Apart from being a busy, home educating mum, and "pretend farmer" with lots of animals to look after I like to be creative  making jewellery and other pretty things for  "Astrid's Garden"  and  "Astrid's Jewel Garden" As well as that,  I also enjoy doing some painting from time to time.  To be quite honest, I LOVE painting and I really don't do it so much  as I get very grumpy if I have to stop to deal with everyday stuff.  These are three paintings that are in my living room at the moment. The two top ones are hung up but the bottom one normally just sits on a shelf as it is quite small (I hung it op for the photo as my shelf is rather cluttered)

  These paintings were done about four years ago. The top one is my youngest daughter in pensive mode and the other two are of  my youngest boy when he was a baby. I have painted more recently but they have been miniature ones called ACEO.  But more about those another time.