Monday, 9 July 2012


Today I want to share one of my older treasured possessions.  It is a money box in the shape of an apple.

It is one if the few items that has survived a move from the Netherlands to Wales and 27 years of family life (that can be a little tough on things, can't it?)  My Opa (granddad) gave it to me when I was about 10, as "Een appeltje voor de dorst".  It means an apple for when you're thirsty and it is the Dutch equivalent for "putting something away for a rainy day".  As Opa hasn't been around for more than 25 years it is very precious to me.  Let's hope it manages to stay around to be his wise reminder to save up for anything you want in life!  Apart from the fact that it actually looks quite nice!


Love Maisy Lee said...

I love your money box, and your story about getting it was so lovely.
Your tea lights are so pretty too.

Donna x