Saturday, 7 July 2012

What is in your.....?

What is in your handbag.

 This is what is in mine today: 
  • Frontline flea treatment for the cat and dog beasts
  • Two new catnip mice to keep them in their drug of choice
  • My phone  ( A Samsung, for once charged!)
  • Make-up  remover from Boots
  • Tesco vouchers
  • A camera lens pen
  • A lipstick (no7) and face powder (Rimmel)
  • A friend's holiday DVD (with beautiful scenery from Patagonia)
  • A fortune cookie (That my son made off with while doing this blog) and menu from Ling di Long (where I went with my hubby for a lovely meal last week)
  • My purse
  • My prize possession, my Kindle.  Never without something to read!
So, what's in your bag?  Do you have some odd items in yours? Why not share in your blog and leave a link with your comment here, that way we can all be nosy and get more views too!


Edwina Kinch said...

I would be embaressed to share the contents of my handbag - boring, boring & boring! Nothing as interesting as in yours! I enjoyed the peek inside yours - thanks for sharing! Edwina