Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday Randomness

I had rather a rubbish week at being creative.  I had to take my son to the doctors on Monday and it was a nightmare, we were waiting there for nearly two hours. When I came home I had a banging headache that didn't leave me 'till Thursday. On Fridays I grannysit and being creative is hard as Gran needs frequent help with her laptop (she is 91 and frequently loses her cursor, but still, she is using a laptop! )
On Saturday morning I realised the food thieves had been again and I needed to go and get provisions. On top of that I had a major distraction!  Well have a look, wouldn't you be distracted?

Yes it's a Chihuahua. No, there are no diamante bows,hairclips, burberry coats or carrycases.  She has legs, she walks. She chases cats and squeeky balls. She sleeps in a basket and is not allowed on the chairs.  Basically she is a DOG, albeit a tiny one.  Just to make it clear she isn't a pampered excuse for a dog, her name is..... BEAST.  Or Beastie.   Excuse me I have to go and throw a ball now.