Sunday, 4 August 2013

Arty Photos

Today was a bit busy. I am sewing something rather special, but I can't share 'cause  it's secret. Did you guess? Yes indeed I am sewing a wedding dress for my daughter but for obvious reasons I can't blog about it yet.  So for today you will get a few more arty photos, hope you like them. Some I hope to turn into paintings and I will of course share that in the future.

Remember those painted shutters in Deventer?  My husband had the idea to put people in front of them as if they are part of the landscape.  It works quite well don't you think?

  (Psst they're the bride and groom )

 And here is the mammas together pretending to stand in a pretty garden.

We also went to a lovely place called Harderwijk, where we visited  the Dolfinarium . We very much enjoyed ourselves.  Apart from enjoying the antics of the obvious dolphins and other sea creatures we also had a walk around Harderwijk harbour. I managed to get some lovely photos of the boats there.  Hopefully I will soon find some time to paint a few... once the Big Dress is done.

Bits of boats. They are so intriguing. I think they are called Botters.


William O'Toole said...

I like the fact you can express your art and crafts skills.. that is a rare talent these days.