Monday, 19 August 2013

Ikea coffee table re-vamp

It has been rather busy at home, with people being ill and granny staying, so I haven't had a lot of time to make or blog. Today I managed to do something though, with a little hand from the poorly man.  I have this Ikea coffee table. It came with a glass top but glass top tables and children don't mix so we removed the top years ago and replaced it with a MDF one. I had painted it in a nice cream colour to match the room, but it had started to look well, frankly, disgusting.

As you can see it looked really horrible, no amount of scrubbing made it look better.

So I got some "faux leather" from the Range (£4.50 a meter)
Four brass corner pieces and screws (about £3 from Ebay)
and I used a small drill,a staple gun a small hammer and a pair of scissors.

I started stapling the fabric on one side of the table top and then turned to the opposite site and stretched it as hard and as evenly as I could.
Then I cut the fabric right to the corners and folded them as tightly as I could. Then I stapled the rest, making sure the fabric stayed taut.
I hammered some of the staples in a bit further with the hammer as the staple gun didn't always get them to go in fully.

Then to finish the corners:

This will keep the table top located (which is a huge improvement) and it protects the corners from extra wear and tear.

There it is, the finished and definitely better looking table top.

Being inspected, of course:

Well what do you think? Is it an improvement?  It was less than £10 to do and took maybe 40 minutes. It will look pretty for a while at least. 


Rachael ~ said...

Wow that looks amazing!!! SO different and it's unique too {unlike the rest of ikea's stuff! just look in my house :) }

Maplemac said...

Every time I see a makeover like this I want to go and change something in my house.

Look out furniture here I come!

Keri Kight said...

This turned out very nice Hannelore. I love Ikea and I could probably spend days in the store if they let me. ;)