Monday, 5 August 2013

Shhh, Crochet in progress!

Although I have been very busy doing all sorts of non-crafty things and important things like sewing dresses I have actually managed to relax with a bit of crochet.  As you know I am quite new to crochet but I have been attempting several new things. I started with a simple granny square and now I am trying different stitches and patterns. Here are a few pieces I have recently finished and one work-in-progress:

A slightly different take on the granny squares, in a lovely wool mix yarn in purple, pink, sage and dark green. Fully lined with a pink cotton lining.
Hard to think of a cold winter but with this snood you'd be nice and warm. Acrylic yarn, so no itchies right next to your skin.

 The flower in a little more detail.

And a work-in-progress. I usually have a few of these.  This is going to be a small handbag.  I will post a picture of the finished article soon, together with another green one that is lurking at the bottom of my project bag, waiting to be sewn together.

Does anyone have any special requests? Colour combinations or ideas?  Let me know and maybe I cam make you something unique.