Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Trying to get more done in a day.

I have been finding it increasingly difficult to find time to do things. I mean arty/crafty things.  Housework is one of those thankless tasks. You do them, turn around and it is back almost as if by magic.  Then there is the phone. I almost always find that as soon as I start doing something the phone starts ringing and interrupts what you are doing, which in the case of arty/crafty things completely ruins the "flow". I get frustrated, feel it is not worth starting anything and I get an attack of artist block. Then I end up looking at lovely crafty things on the internet and spend ages on Pinterest to overcome this.  Good to get creative juices flowing but bad idea, because it eats into creative time. So I have decided to do something about it. I  am going to put some point of action into place.  I think the fact that I started a 30-day-blog challenge has just helped me clarify things in my mind.
So, what am I going to do? Well this:
  1. get up a little earlier.(for obvious reasons as it is quieter in the mornings)
  2. make lists of things to do.(to prioritise tasks)
  3. use a timer to set a fixed limit to task (helps to focus on task in hand)
  4. finish of works in progress (they have a habit of stifling the creative mind)
  5. tidy a bit of the house/craft room at a time (so it does not overwhelm me)
I will let you know how I get on with this.  Are there any points of action you would recommend? I am open to other suggestions so please leave a comment.


Keri Kight said...

The black hole of Pinterest wins again. :)

I've tried waking up early, but I'm too much of a night owl. I've created a schedule to awaken the night owl in me, and I go to bed around 1-3am, and wake up by 9:00am every morning. I tried for years to wake up earlier than that, but it just wasn't in me.

Rachael ~ RachPhillips.com said...

I do all of the above - especially the tidy desk. My house is a right mess - trust me, but my desk - that's the only thing that's tidy. I think a tidy desk makes it easier to get what you need done - done.

Pirate Treasures Jewellery said...

I'm very easily sidetracked by the internet, I think I should set a timer for myself. I do make lists, but I could spend too long thinking of things to put on them rather than doing the things on them! Unfortunately my workspace is also the dining table so I have tidy up before we can eat. I suppose it means I'm very slightly tidier, but also means I can't leave half-finished things out ready to finish the next day. Hmm, no handy tips for non-procrastination from me!!