Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Inspirational City of Deventer

 Patient horses waiting for people to take a ride through town.

Picturesque streets

Classy shops

 Cute "Olde fashion" shops.

 Amazing facades (lovely details on buildings if you look up)

 Of course there is the typical street organ.

 Would you believe it, they actually played "Gangnam Style"

 Wall street, but not as you know it.

 Oh and cheese, lots and lots of cheese!


Keri Kight said...

I love seeing pictures of new and interesting places. Thanks for sharing. :)

William O'Toole said...

Where are you based? Norway? Sweden??

Hannelore Cossins said...

No I am not Scandinavian, but Dutch. I don't live in the Netherlands at the moment, I am in wet and windy Wales.