Wednesday, 7 August 2013

What is better than this?

Ok maybe not for everyone but this, for me, was one of  the highlights of my holiday.  I went to visit a Saxophone shop.  Now there aren't that many of them so it was amazing to find one in a small place called Gorssel.
 This is it, a specialist saxophone shop.  Better than a sweetshop for me.
I wanted to touch them all!  Some are collectors items and others were just very nice brand new saxophones. I imagine them all as different individuals with different voices.

For the uninitiated this may look like a cigarette counter but it is in fact a massive selection of reeds, mouth pieces and some other odds and ends.

And here I am admiring a wonderful selection of other instruments, a couple of flutes and some rather handsome clarinets.

An here is a craftsman I admire. I play the saxophone (not terribly well, but I am trying) but the mechanism is so complex.  I don't think I could put one together again if I took it apart.

So did I buy a new saxophone? I wish. No. I still have my trusted and beautiful sounding Conn.  I did however get to try an artificial reed which I absolutely love and my friends bought me a wonderful new harness, so now I can actuall play for longer without my neck hurting (saxophones are HEAVY).

Well I hope you enjoyed a little look in the shop,you can find out more here


Keri Kight said...

I've always appreciated music lovers. I played the violin for 4 years, then my dad told me to stop because I couldn't make a career from it. Oh, I wish he hadn't said that to me. It doesn't matter if I'm making a career out of music or not, what matters is the enjoyment and love for music. Thank you for sharing. :)

Hannelore Cossins said...

Oh that is such a shame, as you said it is for enjoyment not a career. Why don't you pick it up again?